Hi! I’m Kyle Hallemeier, a UX designer based in St. Louis, Missouri. My career in design has been an excitingly unconventional ride into UX design and the specialized world of digital art restoration and publication cover design.

I spearheaded the development of the comic book restoration processes that are specific to both the condition of original art and the format needed for the final projects. Through these individualized measures, I’ve remastered thousands of pages of comics off of original paper scans and film negatives for commercial resale for the likes of Marvel Comics, Archie, and more.

Furthermore, cover designs are a way for me to further stretch both my creative and conceptual skills. I relish the challenge of designing both within the confines of the allotted cover space, but also the necessity for immediate visual impact a cover must have in order to sell. I work closely with clients to develop designs that provide an intriguing glimpse of their story that stands out but is unmistakable of the genre it is within.

Clients include: Marvel Comics, Cabinet Entertainment, Archie Comics, BOOM! Comics, King Feature Comics, Author Ellen Dugan, Old Fashioned Candy, Store Supply Warehouse, and others.
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